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The many possibilities of configuration of the integrated globoidal cam allow the use of almost all movements, speeds, and steps on the main drive pinion (oscillation, pilger step operation, constant pass-over speed in the given range, etc.)

Parallel cam gears are often used as the conveyor belt drive.
Extremely small indexing angles are possible resulting in a long dwell phase.
The parallel cam gear may also be used as an oscillating gear.

Globoidal index tables are suitable for large mass moments of inertia and also for high speeds.
Relatively short indexing angles are possible, therefore, they are often used in continuous operation while mechanically linked to other movements.

Cylindrical index tables are distinguished by a large diameter of the follower, ensuring a high positioning accuracy.
In most cases they are used for intermittent service, as shorter indexing angles are only conditionally possible.

Oscillating gears are globoidal or parallel cam gears, respectively, of the oscillating type.
i.e. the output shaft carries out an oscillating movement while the input shaft is rotating continuously.

The hoisting step-by-step cam gear offers the possibility to carry out hoisting and incremental movements in one operating cycle.
This saves both time and space.